Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NCHSAA Board Hears Realignment Appeals

CHAPEL HILL – The North Carolina High School Board of Directors heard a series of procedural appeals relating to realignment on Tuesday morning and then took action after lengthy deliberation.

There were a total of eight appeals involving 10 schools.

The appeal by Green Hope and Panther Creek involved, among other things, an error with the East Chapel Hill average daily membership numbers that were used in the realignment process. The error with those first month numbers had been confirmed, and had they been submitted correctly East Chapel Hill would have been in the 4-A classification.

As a result, the Board made the decision to move East Chapel Hill into the 4-A classification, and then assign it to Conference 10C in the latest realignment plan. That move of East Chapel Hill into 4-A-- its numbers which were not accurate had them in 3-A--then dropped Douglas Byrd to 3-A and it was assigned to Conference 12C in the 3-A classification.

Green Hope and Panther Creek were then moved to Conference 13C in the 4-A class, so their appeal was upheld.

The Board also heard appeals from other schools, including Jordan-Matthews, Chatham Central, Salisbury, Draughn and East Burke, Lake Norman Charter, North Buncombe and Brevard. After long deliberation on each of these appeals, the Board voted to deny the appeals and uphold the previous decisions made by the Realignment Committee.

Members of the Board representing schools who were appealing recused themselves during the deliberations and voting.

After the adjustments were made based on the appeals, the Board then approved the complete realignment plan for the years 2013-17 on Tuesday afternoon.