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2024 NCCFB Schedules

11:03 AM

The countdown to the 2024 college football season kickoff began as soon as the calendar ticked over into the new year. The impacts of college realignment are still being felt on all levels of college football in the state. With an exciting change in FBS football and the twelve-team playoff introduction, more teams will battle for a postseason position. Find your favorite team's schedule below.

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Appalachian State:

8/31: ETSU

9/07: at East Carolina

9/14: at Clemson

9/19: South Alabama

9/28: Liberty

10/05: at Marshall

10/12: at Louisiana

10/19: Open

10/26: Georgia State

11/02: Old Dominion

11/07: at Coastal Carolina

11/16: Open

11/23: James Madison

11/30: at Georgia Southern

12/07: SBC Championship


8/31: James Madison

9/07: at North Carolina

9/14: Gardner-Webb

9/21: at Indiana

9/28: at Rice

10/05: East Carolina

10/12: Open

10/19: at Navy

10/26: at Memphis

10/31: Tulane

11/09: Open

11/16: South Florida

11/23: at FAU

11/30: UAB

12/07: AAC Championship


8/30: Elon

9/07: at Northwestern

9/14: UConn

9/21: at Middle Tennessee

9/28: North Carolina

10/05: at Georgia Tech

10/12: Open

10/18: Florida State

10/26: SMU

11/02: at Miami

11/09: at NC State

11/16: Open

11/23: Virginia Tech

11/30: at Wake Forest

12/07: ACC Championship

East Carolina:

8/31: Norfolk State

9/07: at Old Dominion

9/14: Appalachian State

9/21: at Liberty

9/28: UTSA

10/05: at Charlotte

10/12: Open

10/19: at Army

10/26: Temple

11/02: Open

11/07: FAU

11/14: at Tulsa

11/23: at North Texas

11/30: Navy

12/07: AAC Championship

NC State:

8/29: Western Carolina

9/07: vs Tennessee (Charlotte, Duke’s Mayo Classic)

9/14: Louisiana Tech

9/21: at Clemson

9/28: Northern Illinois

10/05: Wake Forest

10/12: Syracuse

10/19: at Cal

10/26: Open

11/02: Stanford

11/09: Duke

11/16: Open

11/21: at Georgia Tech

11/30: at North Carolina

12/07: ACC Championship

North Carolina:

8/29: at Minnesota 

9/07: Charlotte

9/14: NC Central

9/21: James Madison

9/28: at Duke

10/05: Pitt

10/12: Georgia Tech

10/19: Open

10/26: at Virginia

11/02: at Florida State

11/09: Open

11/16: Wake Forest

11/23: at Boston College

11/30: at NC State

12/07: ACC Championship

Wake Forest:

8/29: North Carolina A&T

9/07: Virginia

9/14: Ole Miss

9/21: Open

9/28: Louisiana

10/05: at NC State

10/12: Clemson

10/19: at UConn

10/26: at Stanford


11/08: Cal

11/16: at North Carolina

11/23: at Miami

11/30: Duke

12/07: ACC Championship



8/31: at Liberty

9/7: at Western Carolina

9/14: at Rhode Island 6:00

9/21: Stony Brook 5:00

9/28: Delaware State 2:00

10/5: NC Central 4:00

10/12: Open

10/19: at William and Mary 3:00

10/26: North Carolina A&T 4:00

11/2: at Elon 2:00

11/9: Richmond 3:30

11/16: at Delaware 1:00

11/23: Towson 2:00


8/31: at Georgetown

9/7: Catawba

9/14: Point

9/21: Open

9/28: Presbyterian

10/5: Marist

10/12: at Dayton

10/19: Stetson

10/26: Butler

11/2: at San Diego

11/9: Morehead State

11/16: Open

11/23: at Valparaiso


8/30: at Duke

9/7: at NC Central

9/14: Western Carolina

9/21: ETSU

9/28: Richmond

10/5: Open

10/12: New Hampshire

10/19: at UAlbany

10/26: at Hampton

11/2: Campbell

11/9: at William and Mary

11/16: Maine

11/23: at North Carolina A&T


8/31: Wofford

9/7: at James Madison

9/14: at Charlotte

9/21: Open

9/28: Tennessee Tech

10/5: at UT Martin

10/12: Open

10/19: Lindenwood

10/26: at Southeast Missouri

11/2: at Charleston Southern

11/9: Eastern Illinois

11/16: Tennessee State

11/23: at Western Illinois

North Carolina A&T:

8/29: at Wake Forest

9/7: Winston-Salem State

9/14: Delaware

9/21: at NC Central

9/28: at SC State

10/5: at Richmond

10/12: Open

10/19: Hampton

10/26: at Campbell

11/2: William and Mary

11/9: at Villanova

11/16: at Towson

11/23: Elon

NC Central:

9/1: Alabama State (Orange Blossom Classic - Miami)

9/7: Elon

9/14: at North Carolina

9/21: North Carolina A&T

9/28: Open

10/5: at Campbell

10/12: VA-Lynchburg

10/19: Open

10/26: Morgan State

11/2: at SC State

11/9: at Norfolk State

11/16: Howard

11/23: at Delaware State

Western Carolina:

8/29: at NC State

9/7: Campbell

9/14: at Elon

9/21: at Montana

9/28: Open

10/5: Wofford

10/12: The Citadel

10/19: at Furman

10/26: at Mercer

11/2: Chattanooga

11/9: at ETSU

11/16: VMI

11/23: at Samford

Division 2


9/5: West Virginia State

9/14: at Chowan

9/21: at Emory and Henry

9/28: Anderson

10/5: at Carson-Newman

10/12: at Wingate

10/19: Lenoir-Rhyne

10/26: at Newberry

11/2: Catawba

11/9: at Limestone

11/16: UVa-Wise


8/31: TBD

9/7: at Davidson

9/14: at UVa-Wise

9/21: at Shaw

9/28: Carson-Newman

10/5: at Anderson

10/12: Limestone

10/19: Newberry

10/26: at Wingate

11/2: at Barton

11/9: Lenoir-Rhyne

11/16: Mars Hill (or SAC Championship)


9/7: at Elizabeth City State

9/14: Barton

9/21: TBD

9/28: Mississippi College

10/5: at Delta State

10/12: Shorter

10/19: West Florida

10/26: at West Alabama

11/2: at Valdosta State

11/9: Erskine

11/16: at North Greenville

Elizabeth City State:

8/31: TBD

9/7: Chowan

9/14: TBD

9/21: at Fayetteville State

9/28: TBD

10/5: TBD

10/12: at Virginia Union

10/19: TBD

10/26: TBD

11/2: TBD

11/9: TBD

11/16: CIAA Championship

Fayetteville State:

8/31: TBD

9/7: Pembroke

9/14: at Valdosta State

9/21: Elizabeth City State

9/28: at Virginia State

10/5: Bowie State

10/12: at Livingstone

10/19: TBD

10/26: Shaw

11/2: at Johnston C. Smith

11/9: at Winston-Salem State

11/16: CIAA Championship

Johnson C Smith:

9/1: Tuskegee (Boeing Red Tails Classic - Montgomery)

9/7: at Morehouse

9/14: Open

9/21: Virginia Union

9/28: at Bluefield State

10/5: Virginia State

10/12: at St. Augustine's

10/19: Shaw

10/26: at Winston-Salem State

11/2: Fayetteville State

11/9: at Livingstone

11/16: CIAA Championship


8/31: TBD

9/7: Bowie State

9/14: Tiffin

9/21: at Mars Hill

9/28: Tusculum

10/5: at Emory and Henry

10/12: Newberry

10/19: at Barton

10/26: Limestone

11/2: Wingate

11/9: at Catawba

11/16: Anderson (or SAC Championship)


8/31: TBD

9/7: TBD

9/14: TBD

9/21: TBD

9/28: TBD

10/5: TBD

10/12: Fayetteville State

10/19: Winston-Salem State

10/26: TBD

11/2: at Shaw

11/9: Johnson C. Smith

11/16: CIAA Championship

Mars Hill:

8/31: TBD

9/7: TBD

9/14: TBD

9/21: Lenoir-Rhyne

9/28: at Wingate

10/5: at Newberry

10/12: TBD

10/19: TBD

10/26: TBD

11/2: TBD

11/9: TBD

11/16: at Catawba (or SAC Championship)

St. Augustine's:

8/31: TBD

9/7: TBD

9/14: TBD

9/21: TBD

9/28: TBD

10/5: TBD

10/12: Johnson C. Smith

10/19: TBD

10/26: TBD

11/2: Winston-Salem State

11/9: TBD

11/16: CIAA Championship


8/31: TBD

9/5: at Albany State

9/14: Catawba

9/21: Lincoln (PA)

9/28: at Virginia Union

10/5: Bluefield State

10/12: at Winston-Salem State

10/19: at Johnson C. Smith

10/26: at Fayetteville State

11/2: Livingstone

11/9: TBD

11/16: CIAA Championship

UNC Pembroke:

8/31: Wingate

9/7: at Fayetteville State

9/14: Open

9/21: at Charleston (WV)

9/28: at Glenville State

10/5: at Wheeling

10/12: West Liberty

10/19: at Fairmont State

10/26: West Virginia State

11/2: West Virginia Wesleyan

11/9: Frostburg State

11/16: at Concord (WV)


8/31: at Pembroke

9/7: Open

9/14: Delta State

9/21: at Carson-Newman

9/28: Mars Hill

10/5: at UVa-Wise

10/12: Barton

10/19: at Limestone

10/26: Catawba

11/2: at Lenoir-Rhyne

11/9: Newberry

11/16: Tusculum (or SAC Championship)

Winston-Salem St:

8/31: TBD

9/7: at North Carolina A&T

9/14: Ohio Dominican

9/21: at Virginia State

9/28: Bowie State

10/5: Virginia Union

10/12: Shaw

10/19: at Livinstone

10/26: Johnson C. Smith

11/2: at St. Augustine's

11/9: Fayetteville State

11/16: CIAA Championship

Division 3


8/31: TBD

9/7: TBD

9/14: Hampden-Sydney

9/21: Belhaven

9/28: at Maryville

10/5: at Southern Virginia

10/12: Greensboro

10/19: LaGrange

10/26: at Huntingdon

11/2: Methodist

11/9: at NC Wesleyan

11/16: Kentucky Christian

11/23: TBD


8/31: TBD

9/7: TBD

9/14: TBD

9/21: at Methodist

9/28: TBD

10/5: TBD

10/12: at Brevard

10/19: TBD

10/26: TBD

11/2: TBD

11/9: TBD

11/16: TBD

11/23: TBD


8/31: TBD

9/7: TBD

9/14: Methodist

9/21: TBD

9/28: TBD

10/5: TBD

10/12: TBD

10/19: TBD

10/26: TBD

11/2: TBD

11/9: TBD

11/16: TBD

11/23: TBD


8/31: TBD

9/7: Shenendoah

9/14: at Guilford

9/21: Greensboro

9/28: LaGrange

10/5: at NC Wesleyan

10/12: Huntingdon

10/19: Southern Virginia

10/26: at Maryville

11/2: at Brevard

11/9: TBD

11/16: Belhaven

11/23: TBD

NC Wesleyan:

8/31: TBD

9/7: TBD

9/14: TBD

9/21: TBD

9/28: TBD

10/5: Methodist

10/12: TBD

10/19: TBD

10/26: TBD

11/2: TBD

11/9: Brevard

11/16: TBD

11/23: TBD


St. Andrews:

8/31: TBD

9/7: TBD

9/14: TBD

9/21: TBD

9/28: TBD

10/5: TBD

10/12: TBD

10/19: TBD

10/26: TBD

11/2: TBD

11/9: TBD

11/16: TBD

11/23: TBD



8/31: TBD

9/7: TBD

9/14: TBD

9/21: TBD

9/28: TBD

10/5: TBD

10/12: TBD

10/19: TBD

10/26: TBD

11/2: TBD

11/9: TBD

11/16: TBD

11/23: TBD

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

ACC Sets the Stage for Gridiron Fireworks in 2024 Schedule Release

10:13 PM

CHARLOTTE  The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) has unveiled its highly anticipated 2024 football schedule, marking the 72nd season of ACC Football and the first under a revolutionary seven-year scheduling model. This model introduces significant changes, including an expanded roster of 17 teams and a dynamic structure that promises thrilling matchups throughout the season.

New Scheduling Model and Key Features

The 2024 season introduces a new seven-year scheduling model, running from 2024 through 2030. Under this model, each team will play eight conference games per season, with all 17 teams facing each other at least twice over the next seven seasons – once at home and once on the road. Notably, the current 14 conference teams will play a total of three times each in California over the seven years, ensuring a diverse and balanced competition.

ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips, Ph.D., expressed the significance of the 2024 schedule, stating, “The membership was incredibly thoughtful and committed to producing an exciting, fair, and balanced schedule with our student-athlete experience as the top priority.” The absence of divisions, the increase in annual conference matchups from 56 to 68, and the continuation of the ACC Football Championship Game further add to the excitement.

Annual Rivalries

The scheduling model preserves 16 annual matchups, including notable rivalries and new pairings with the addition of Cal, SMU, and Stanford. The matchups are strategically spread throughout the season, with five annual clashes set for the last Saturday of the regular season.

  • Virginia Tech at Miami – Sept. 27
  • North Carolina at Duke – Sept. 28
  • Clemson at Florida State – Oct. 5
  • Wake Forest at NC State – Oct. 5
  • SMU at Stanford – Oct. 19
  • Syracuse at Pitt – Oct. 24
  • Florida State at Miami – Oct. 26
  • North Carolina at Virginia – Oct. 26
  • Syracuse at Boston College – Nov. 9
  • Duke at NC State – Nov. 9
  • Stanford at Cal – Nov. 23
  • Cal at SMU – Nov. 30
  • Pitt at Boston College – Nov. 30
  • NC State at North Carolina – Nov. 30
  • Duke at Wake Forest – Nov. 30
  • Virginia at Virginia Tech – Nov. 30

Week 0 – Kick Off in Ireland

Week 0 of the 2024 season promises historic moments as ESPN’s College GameDay Built by The Home Depot broadcasts live for the first time outside of the United States from Dublin, Ireland. Florida State and Georgia Tech will make history in the Aer Lingus College Football Classic on August 24, setting the stage for an exciting season.

Week 1 - Labor Day Weekend Extravaganza

Labor Day Weekend will feature all 17 ACC football programs in 16 games over five days, offering fans a spectacular start to the season. Notable matchups include North Carolina vs. Minnesota, Clemson vs. Georgia, and Boston College vs. Florida State.

ACC Thursday and Friday Night Football

The schedule includes 14 games on Thursday and Friday nights over the first 13 weeks of the season, featuring conference matchups and special commemorations. Highlight games include Virginia Tech vs. Miami on Sept. 27 and Florida State at Duke on Oct. 18.

New Conference Members and First-Ever Meetings

Cal, SMU, and Stanford will make their ACC debuts, adding new dynamics to the competition. The 2024 season will witness eight first-time matchups, enhancing the excitement for fans across the conference.

Challenging Non-Conference Slate

The ACC continues to uphold its reputation for a challenging non-conference schedule, with matchups against Power Conference opponents, teams ranked in the AP Top 25, and participants from bowl games. A total of 34 non-conference games against 2023 bowl game participants underscore the competitive nature of the ACC.

Games Against Notre Dame

ACC teams will face Notre Dame in five non-conference games, with four of them hosted at Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

  • Louisville at Notre Dame – Sept. 28
  • Stanford at Notre Dame – Oct. 12
  • Notre Dame at Georgia Tech – Oct. 19
  • Florida State at Notre Dame – Nov. 9
  • Virginia at Notre Dame – Nov. 16

ACC Football Championship Game

The pinnacle of the season, the 2024 ACC Football Championship Game, is set for December 7 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. The top two teams based on conference winning percentage will vie for the coveted title.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

CAA Football Rolls Out 2024 Season Schedule with a Historic Expansion

8:04 PM

CAA Football has rolled out its much-anticipated schedule for the 2024 season. For the first time since 2019, the season will span 13 weeks and include 12 games. Adding to the excitement, the CAA is expanding to include 16 teams, marking a first in the conference’s history. The latest addition to the roster is Bryant University.


The conference schedule is designed to include four home games and four away games for each team. Teams were paired with a preferred partner based on regional proximity, which played a crucial role in determining the remaining opponents. In an effort to cut costs, air travel has been limited, with most teams not having more than one flight during conference play.


The 2024 conference action is set to kick off with four games on Saturday, September 14. The opening day will see Maine hosting Monmouth, Campbell visiting Rhode Island, North Carolina A&T entertaining Delaware, and Towson traveling to Villanova. The following Saturday, September 21, will mark Bryant’s CAA debut at New Hampshire.


The non-conference schedule is equally thrilling, featuring 12 games against FBS opponents. This includes three games against the ACC, two against the Big Ten, two against the Big 12, and one against the SEC. Nine of these 12 teams participated in bowl games in 2023. It’s worth noting that CAA Football teams have secured 19 victories over FBS opponents since 2009.


The schedule also includes nine non-conference games against teams that reached the FCS playoffs in 2023. Among these are two playoff rematches, with Villanova hosting Youngstown State and UAlbany returning to Idaho. In the previous season, CAA teams held a strong 20-10 record against non-conference competition.


CAA Football’s impressive performance in the 2023 NCAA FCS playoffs saw four teams - UAlbany, Delaware, Richmond, and Villanova - receiving berths. This marked the 13th instance of at least four CAA teams being chosen for the playoffs. The conference has consistently had at least one team reach the quarterfinals every year since 1995 and has seen a team advance to the semifinals in 10 of the past 11 seasons.


Thursday, August 29
Bryant at Delaware (non-conference game)
Youngstown State at Villanova
North Carolina A&T at Wake Forest
New Hampshire at UCF
Monmouth at Eastern Washington
Friday, August 30
Elon at Duke
Saturday, August 31
LIU at UAlbany
Campbell at Liberty
Hampton vs. TBA
Colgate at Maine
Holy Cross at Rhode Island
Richmond at Virginia
Stony Brook at Marshall
Towson at Cincinnati
VMI at William & Mary
Saturday, September 7
UAlbany at West Virginia
Campbell at Western Carolina
Elon at North Carolina Central
Lafayette at Monmouth
Maine at Montana State
New Hampshire at Holy Cross
Rhode Island at Minnesota
Wofford at Richmond
Stonehill at Stony Brook
Morgan State at Towson
Villanova at Colgate
William & Mary at Coastal Carolina
Franklin Pierce at Bryant
Virginia Union at Hampton
Winston-Salem State at North Carolina A&T
Saturday, September 14
*Monmouth at Maine
*Campbell at Rhode Island
*Delaware at North Carolina A&T
*Towson at Villanova
William & Mary at Wofford
Western Carolina at Elon
Hampton at Norfolk State
Stonehill at New Hampshire
Charleston Southern at Richmond
Stony Brook at Fordham
UAlbany at Idaho
Holy Cross at Bryant
Saturday, September 21
*Bryant at New Hampshire
*Stony Brook at Campbell
Penn at Delaware
ETSU at Elon
Howard at Hampton
Maine at Merrimack
Monmouth at FIU
North Carolina A&T at North Carolina Central
Rhode Island at LIU
Richmond at Delaware State
Towson at North Dakota State
Villanova at Maryland
Furman at William & Mary
Saturday, September 28
*Maine at UAlbany
*Richmond at Elon
*Hampton at William & Mary
Delaware State at Campbell
Sacred Heart at Delaware
Fordham at Monmouth
North Carolina A&T at South Carolina State
Morgan State at Stony Brook
LIU at Villanova
Saturday, October 5
*Delaware at Monmouth
*Rhode Island at Hampton
*North Carolina A&T at Richmond
*Villanova at Stony Brook
*William & Mary at Towson
UAlbany at Cornell
Bryant at Brown
North Carolina Central at Campbell
New Hampshire at Harvard
Saturday, October 12
*UAlbany at Bryant
*Maine at Delaware
*New Hampshire at Elon
Towson at Norfolk State
Brown at Rhode Island
Saturday, October 19
*Campbell at William & Mary
*Villanova at Maine
*Hampton at North Carolina A&T
*Stony Brook at Towson
*Delaware at Richmond
*Rhode Island at New Hampshire
*Bryant at Monmouth
*Elon at UAlbany
Saturday, October 26
*UAlbany at Delaware
*Richmond at Bryant
*North Carolina A&T at Campbell
*Elon at Hampton
*Maine at Rhode Island
*Towson at Monmouth
*New Hampshire at Villanova
*William & Mary at Stony Brook
Saturday, November 2
*William & Mary at North Carolina A&T
*Villanova at Hampton
*Towson at Richmond
*Stony Brook at Bryant
*Monmouth at Rhode Island
*New Hampshire at UAlbany
*Campbell at Elon
Maine at Oklahoma
Saturday, November 9
*UAlbany at Stony Brook
*Bryant at Maine
*Richmond at Campbell
*Rhode Island at Delaware
*Elon at William & Mary
*Hampton at Towson
*Monmouth at New Hampshire
*North Carolina A&T at Villanova
Saturday, November 16
*Richmond at Hampton
*Villanova at Monmouth
*Maine at Elon
*North Carolina A&T at Towson
*UAlbany at Rhode Island
*Bryant at William & Mary
*Campbell at Delaware
*Stony Brook at New Hampshire

Saturday, November 23
*New Hampshire at Maine
*Delaware at Villanova
*William & Mary at Richmond
*Elon at North Carolina A&T
*Monmouth at Stony Brook
*Hampton at UAlbany
*Rhode Island at Bryant
*Towson at Campbell
*Denotes CAA Football game

Big South-OVC Football Association Unveils Exciting 2024 Season Schedule

7:54 PM

The Big South-OVC Football Association is all set to kick off its second year with an action-packed schedule for the 2024 season. The Association, which comprises nine league teams, has each team playing an eight-game conference schedule.


The season commences on Saturday, September 7, with the majority of the Association games scheduled between Weeks 5 and 13. Additionally, one game each will be held during Weeks 2 and 4. Fans can look forward to four Association matchups in seven of the weeks.


The season opener will see 2023 co-champion UT Martin taking on Southeast Missouri. Fast forward to September 28, and we’ll witness 2023 co-champion Gardner-Webb hosting Tennessee Tech. This game is particularly noteworthy as it features the Association’s newest head coaches – Cris Reisert of GWU and Bobby Wilder of TTU.


One of the highlights of the schedule is the October 5 game, where Gardner-Webb will face off against UT Martin. This game is a rematch of the league’s inaugural co-champions. Both teams had an impressive run in the 2023 Big South-OVC play with 5-1 records. However, the Runnin’ Bulldogs clinched the automatic bid to the FCS Playoffs with their victory over the Skyhawks in a head-to-head match. On the same day, new Association member Western Illinois will play its first Big South-OVC contest at Charleston Southern.


Saturday, September 7
UT Martin at Southeast Missouri

Saturday, September 21
Tennessee State at Tennessee Tech

Saturday, September 28
Charleston Southern at Tennessee State
Lindenwood at Eastern Illinois
Tennessee Tech at Gardner-Webb

Saturday, October 5
Western Illinois at Charleston Southern
Southeast Missouri at Eastern Illinois
Gardner-Webb at UT Martin
Tennessee State at Lindenwood

Saturday, October 12
Charleston Southern at Lindenwood
Eastern Illinois at Tennessee State
Tennessee Tech at Southeast Missouri
UT Martin at Western Illinois

Saturday, October 19
Southeast Missouri at Charleston Southern
Lindenwood at Gardner-Webb
Tennessee Tech at Western Illinois

Saturday, October 26
Charleston Southern at Tennessee Tech
Eastern Illinois at UT Martin
Gardner-Webb at Southeast Missouri
Western Illinois at Lindenwood

Saturday, November 2
Gardner-Webb at Charleston Southern
Western Illinois at Eastern Illinois
Lindenwood at Tennessee Tech
UT Martin at Tennessee State

Saturday, November 9
UT Martin at Charleston Southern
Eastern Illinois at Gardner-Webb
Southeast Missouri at Lindenwood
Tennessee State at Western Illinois

Saturday, November 16
Charleston Southern at Eastern Illinois
Tennessee State at Gardner-Webb
Western Illinois at Southeast Missouri
Tennessee Tech at UT Martin

Saturday, November 23
Eastern Illinois at Tennessee Tech
Gardner-Webb at Western Illinois
Lindenwood at UT Martin
Southeast Missouri at Tennessee State

Monday, January 8, 2024

Peppers and Edwards Among 2024 Hall of Fame Class

11:13 PM

IRVING, TX – Two North Carolina college football legends were among the nineteen former players announced as the 2024 class of the College Football Hall of Fame today. Julius Peppers, a former standout at the University of North Carolina, and Armanti Edwards, the record-setting quarterback of Appalachian State’s championship runs, were among the 2024 College Football Hall of Fame Class revealed today during ESPN’s “Championship Drive Presented by Allstate” before this year’s college football playoff championship game.

Julius Peppers, a native of Bailey, NC, and Southern Nash fame is no stranger to accolades. During his college career from 1999 to 2001, Peppers was an All-American and won the Chuck Bednarik Award for the nation’s top defensive player in 20011. He recorded impressive stats with 167 tackles, 30.5 sacks, 53 tackles for loss, five interceptions, and five forced fumbles. After college, Peppers was selected by the Carolina Panthers as the second overall pick in the 2002 NFL Draft. He went on to have a stellar professional career, earning Pro Bowl selection in nine of his 17 seasons.

Armanti Edwards, whose illustrious college career at Appalachian State from 2006 to 2009 left an indelible mark on the sport, is being recognized for his exceptional contributions to college football. Edwards’ dynamic playing style and ability to perform under pressure were hallmarks of his college career. During his tenure at Appalachian State, Edwards led the Mountaineers to two Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) national championships. He also made history as the first player to win the Walter Payton Award, given to the most outstanding offensive player in the Division I FCS, twice.

The induction ceremony will occur later this year, where Peppers and Edwards will officially join the ranks of the greatest players in college football history. Their selection for this honor underscores their significant contributions to college football and cements their legacy as two of the sport’s most influential figures.



  • Justin Blackmon – WR, Oklahoma State (2009-11)
  • Paul Cameron – TB, UCLA (1951-53)
  • Tim Couch – QB, Kentucky (1996-98)
  • Warrick Dunn – RB, Florida State (1993-96)
  • Armanti Edwards – QB, Appalachian State (2006-09)
  • Deon Figures – CB, Colorado (1988, 1990-92)
  • Larry Fitzgerald – WR, Pittsburgh (2002-03)
  • Toby Gerhart – RB, Stanford (2006-09)
  • Dan Hampton – DT, Arkansas (1975-78)
  • Steve Hutchinson – OG, Michigan (1997-2000)
  • Antonio Langham – CB, Alabama (1990-93)
  • Randy Moss – WR, Marshall (1996-97)
  • Julius Peppers – DE, North Carolina (1999-2001)
  • Paul Posluszny – LB, Penn State (2003-06)
  • Dewey Selmon – NG, Oklahoma (1972-75)
  • Alex Smith – QB, Utah (2002-04)
  • Kevin Smith – CB, Texas A&M (1988-91)
  • Chris Ward – OT, Ohio State (1974-77)
  • Danny Woodhead – RB, Chadron State [NE] (2004-07) 


  • Mark Dantonio – 132-74-0 (64.1%): Cincinnati (2004-06), Michigan State (2007-19)
  • Danny Hale – 213-69-1 (75.4%): West Chester [PA] (1984-88), Bloomsburg [PA] (1993-2012) 
  • Frank Solich – 173-101-0: (63.1%) Nebraska (1998-2003), Ohio (2005-2020) 

Saturday, January 6, 2024

ECU and Coastal Carolina Announce Two-Game Series

2:27 PM

East Carolina and Coastal Carolina have announced they will play against each other in 2025 and 2028. This announcement was made together by both schools on Wednesday.

These two teams have only played against each other once before. This game happened on December 27, 2022, at the TicketSmarter Birmingham Bowl. East Carolina won that game with a score of 53-29. This was the 10th time East Carolina won a bowl game.

The first game of the series will be played at Benton Field inside Brooks Stadium on September 13, 2025. The second game will be at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium on September 9, 2028.

Jon Gilbert, the Athletics Director at East Carolina, said, “We are excited about this series with Coastal Carolina. Both schools have fans who really love their teams, and this series will be something that everyone will enjoy.”

Coastal Carolina is now part of ECU’s 2025 schedule. They will also play against NC State, Campbell, and BYU that year. Coastal Carolina is the third team that ECU will play against in 2028. The other two teams are NC State and Wake Forest.

Friday, December 29, 2023

Top Ten NCCFB Moments From 2023

12:05 PM


Let's take a look back at the 2023 college football season in North Carolina, where we find a bunch of exciting moments and games that caught the interest of fans across the state. In these top ten matchups, there were surprising wins that no one saw coming and thrilling comebacks that will be remembered for a long time. Each game showed how unpredictable and exciting football can be, with teams trying to make it to the postseason and be the best in their conferences. Join us as we go back and revisit these awesome games that made the North Carolina college football season memorable, remembering the wins, challenges, and fun times from the year.

#10 - Fayetteville State Grabs Comeback Victory Over Livingstone

The Fayetteville State Broncos secured a 19-14 victory over the Livingstone Blue Bears in a thrilling game at Jeralds Stadium, with a standout offensive performance, a crucial comeback from a 14-0 deficit, and a strong defensive effort led by Dylan Morris, ultimately maintaining their 5-0 record in CIAA play.

#9 - Elon Holds Off Campbell Comeback And Goes to 2-0 in CAA Action With 28-24 Win

Elon secured a 28-24 victory against Campbell in a closely contested game, marked by Jalen Hampton's four rushing touchdowns, despite a valiant comeback effort by the Camels; standout performances included Hajj-Malik Williams' 367 yards passing and VJ Wilkins' ten receptions for 114 yards.

#8 - Gardner-Webb Stages Thrilling Comeback Victory Over Eastern Kentucky

Gardner-Webb's Runnin' Bulldogs staged a thrilling comeback, overcoming Eastern Kentucky 35-32 in a game marked by dramatic twists, including key interceptions by Ja’Kai Young and Raequan Ousley, a pivotal sack by Cam Junior, and a standout performance by Jayden Brown, culminating in a last-minute victory.

#7 - Duke's Comeback Bid Foiled by Notre Dame in 21-14 Nail-Biter

No. 17 Duke faced a heart-pounding defeat against No. 11 Notre Dame in a top-25 college football clash at Brooks Field at Wallace Wade Stadium, with a thrilling comeback effort culminating in a 14-13 lead late in the game, but a dramatic fourth-and-16 play turned the tide in favor of Notre Dame, leading to a game-winning touchdown and a final score of 21-14.

#6 - Mars Hill Secures Thrilling 16-14 Victory over Barton in SAC Clash

In a thrilling South Atlantic Conference (SAC) showdown, the Mars Hill football team secured a 16-14 victory over the previously undefeated Barton Bulldogs, overcoming a halftime deficit with a remarkable comeback highlighted by Lon Teachey's field goals, a crucial sack by Tarshawn Reed, and a game-winning 34-yard field goal; JR Martin led the Lions' offense with an impressive 327 total yards.

#5 - Mars Hill Stuns Wingate in Dramatic Second-Half Comeback

In an exhilarating NCAA Division II football season opener, the Mars Hill Lions staged a remarkable second-half rally to defeat the Wingate Bulldogs 15-10, overcoming an early 10-0 deficit; key moments included Lon Teachey's field goal, JR Martin's touchdown pass to Beau DeBerry, and Tristan Rankin's game-changing fumble recovery for a touchdown.

#4 - Tar Heels Triumph in Thrilling 2OT Battle Against Blue Devils

In a thrilling 2OT game, the #24 North Carolina Tar Heels emerged victorious over the Duke Blue Devils with a final score of 47-45. Quarterback Drake Maye's touchdown and successful two-point conversion in the second overtime secured the win for the Tar Heels. The game featured an offensive showcase, with both teams accumulating over 500 total yards.

#3 - Wingate Pulls Off Last-Minute Stunner, Upsets No. 7 Lenoir-Rhyne

In a thrilling South Atlantic Conference football showdown, the Wingate University Bulldogs secured a stunning upset with a 34-30 victory over the seventh-ranked Lenoir-Rhyne University Bears. The game featured high-stakes drama and concluded with a remarkable 75-yard touchdown pass with just 50 seconds left on the clock, propelling Wingate to victory.

#2 - Electrifying Overtime Showdown Sees NCCU Edge Out Campbell 49-48

In a thrilling college football matchup at O'Kelly-Riddick Stadium in Durham, the North Carolina Central Eagles secured a nail-biting overtime victory against the Campbell Camels with a final score of 49-48, featuring standout performances by senior quarterback Davius Richard and an unforgettable game marked by both teams trading blows and the Eagles' special teams making a decisive difference.

#1 - App State Edges Out #18 James Madison in Overtime Thriller

Appalachian State pulled off a stunning 26-23 overtime victory against 18th-ranked James Madison University, with quarterback Joey Aguilar connecting with Kaedin Robinson for the game-winning 8-yard touchdown pass. The Mountaineers showcased resilience, overcoming a late rally from the Dukes and relying on a strong defensive performance, including key plays from Nate Johnson and Michael Fletcher, to break a streak of five straight overtime losses.

What are your thoughts? Did we miss one? Let us know!