Sunday, August 22, 2010

NCHSAC State Championship Results

The North Carolina High School Athletic Conference served for many years as the athletic organization for historically black high schools. The NCHSAC conducted classified state championships in several sports, certified officials and administered its athletic program. Dr. Army Armstrong of Rocky Mount served as its commissioner for many years.

Members of the old NCHSAC, which numbered over 100 at one point, joined the NCHSAA when the Conference merged with the Association. The NCHSAC actually disbanded in 1969.

Open1928Oxford Mary Potter42W-Salem Columbia Heights0
Open1930Henderson Institute   
Open1931Raleigh Washington 6Gastonia Highland 0
Open1932Raleigh Washington   
Open1933Henderson Institute14Belmont Reid6
Open1934Henderson Institute32Gastonia Highland 13
Open1935Wilmington Williston   
Open1936not listed   
Open1937not listed   
Open1938not listed   
Open1939not listed   
Open1940Gastonia Price   
Open1941High Point William Penn14Raleigh Washington6
Open1942Asheville Stephens-Lee13Durham Hillside 12
Open1943Durham Hillside   
Open1944Durham Hillside   
Open1945Raleigh Washington20Gastonia Highland 0
Open1946Gastonia Highland 7Raleigh Washington 6
Open1947Wilmington Williston12Lexington Dunbar0
Open1949Raleigh Washington 2Gastonia Highland0
Open1950Raleigh Washington14Salisbury Price0
AAA1951Greensboro Dudley13Durham Hillside6
AAA1952Kinston Adkin7Greensboro Dudley0
AAA1953Winston-Salem Atkins45New Bern West Street6
AAA1954West Charlotte14Kinston Adkins6
AAA1955Wilmington Williston13Winston-Salem Carver7
AAA1956New Bern Barber13High Point William Penn12
AAA1957Asheville Stephens-Lee25Rocky Mount Washington6
AAA1958Rocky Mount Washington34Winston-Salem Carver6
AAA1959Winston-Salem Atkins50Durham Hillside0
AAA1960High Point William Penn12Durham Hillside8
AAA1961Rocky Mount Washington18Winston-Salem Carver0
AAA1962Winston-Salem Carver34Fayetteville E.E. Smith2
AAAA1963Charlotte Second Ward28Raleigh Ligon14
AAAA1964Wilson Darden14Winston-Salem Carver12
AAAA1965Elizabeth City P.W. Moore36Winston-Salem Carver0
AAAA1966Greensboro Dudley6New Bern Barber6
AAAA1967Fayetteville E.E. Smith6Winston-Salem Paisley0
AAAA1968Fayetteville E.E. Smith12Elizabeth City P.W. Moore12
AAAA1969Tarboro Patillo14Kinston Adkin0
AAA1963Winston-Salem Anderson30Chapel Hill Lincoln 15
AAA1964Durham Merrick-Moore37Winston-Salem Anderson14
AAA1965Durham Merrick-Moore8Lexington Dunbar0
AAA1966Williamston E.J. Hayes60Winston-Salem Anderson12
AAA1967Winston-Salem Anderson20Durham Merrick-Moore19
AAA1968Williamston E.J. Hayes33Edenton Walker0
AA1950Hickory Ridgeview   
AA1951Nash County Training School7Hickory Ridgeview6
AA1952Salisbury Price13Tarboro Patillo7
AA1953Tarboro Patillo42Belmont0
AA1954Nash County Training School19Burlington Jordan Sellars12
AA1956Lexington Dunbar6Chapel Hill Lincoln6
AA1957Chapel Hill Lincoln7Lexington Dunbar6
AA1958Lexington Dunbar32Chapel Hill Lincoln6
AA1959Lexington Dunbar20Clinton6
AA1960Chapel Hill Lincoln38Hickory Ridgeview8
AA1961Chapel Hill Lincoln22Hickory Ridgeview0
AA1962Hickory Ridgeview19Edenton Walker8
AA1963Lexington Dunbar24Ahoskie R.L. Vann6
AA1964Hickory Ridgeview16Hamlet Monroe Avenue0
AA1965Perquimans County Union34Kannapolis Carver0
AA1966Trenton Jones8Kannapolis Carver6
AA1967not listed   
AA1968Wake Forest DuBois6Sampson6