Meet the Team

Justin Jones – Managing Editor, Lead Storyteller, and Sports Historian

Meet Justin Jones, our managing editor, lead storyteller, and resident sports historian at Carolina Gridiron. As a seasoned professional born and raised in North Carolina, Justin plays a pivotal role in shaping the historical, narrative, and analytical dimensions of our football coverage.

In his role as the managing editor, Justin oversees the seamless integration of captivating storytelling, strategic analysis, and a historical perspective into our content. With a keen eye for detail, he ensures that every piece of content, from riveting stories to insightful data analysis, aligns with our mission of bringing the rich history and present excitement of North Carolina football to our audience.

As our lead storyteller, Justin weaves together the historical fabric of North Carolina football, capturing the essence of each game, the dedication of players, and the pulse of the fans. His narratives transcend the scores, inviting readers to connect emotionally with the diverse stories that make football in the Old North State extraordinary.

With his background as a historian, Justin adds a unique layer to our coverage, delving into the archives to unearth stories, trends, and historical context that enrich our understanding of the game. Join us as Justin leads our team in the celebration of North Carolina football, where storytelling meets strategic analysis and historical appreciation, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for every football enthusiast in the state.

Brian Barnes – Game Day Enthusiast, Storyteller, and Social Media Ace

Meet Brian Barnes, our game-day enthusiast, storyteller, and social media ace at Carolina Gridiron. A native North Carolinian, Brian is your go-to guy for live updates, vibrant tweets, and compelling stories that capture the energy of every game.

A dedicated fan, Brian brings the excitement of the stands to your screen, tweeting play-by-play updates and sharing the pulse of North Carolina football in real time. With an eye for action, he captures spontaneous moments through his lens, giving you a visual taste of the game-day experience.

But Brian is not just about the play-by-play; he's also a storyteller at heart. With a knack for narrative, he weaves together the highs, lows, and unforgettable moments of North Carolina football. Whether it's a thrilling high school match or a pivotal college showdown, Brian's stories resonate with every North Carolinian, creating a connection that goes beyond the field.

Whether he's cheering in the stands, on the sidelines, or crafting stories behind the scenes, Brian's passion for North Carolina football is contagious. Follow him for the latest updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and a fan's perspective on the highs and lows of every game. Join Brian in celebrating the spirit of football in the Old North State, one tweet, snapshot, and story at a time!

Ed Conway – Sports Photographer Extraordinaire

Meet Ed Conway, our sports photographer extraordinaire at Carolina Gridiron. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of the North Carolina Piedmont, Ed has a passion for freezing moments in time and capturing the raw emotion of football.

With his camera as an extension of his storytelling lens, Ed transports you onto the field, offering a unique perspective on the highs, lows, and unforgettable moments of North Carolina football. From the intensity of a game-winning touchdown to the camaraderie in the stands, Ed's photos tell a visual tale that complements our written stories.

As our eyes on the field, Ed is dedicated to bringing you closer to the action. Through his lens, he invites you to experience the beauty of North Carolina football, one snapshot at a time. Join us in celebrating the visual poetry of the game through Ed's vibrant and compelling photographs.

Tommy Liccione – Intern

Say hello to Tommy Liccione, our college intern and football enthusiast at Carolina Gridiron. From a small town in the southern Piedmont, Tommy is a rising star with a passion for video journalism and football. Currently studying Sports Communication, Tommy brings fresh perspectives and youthful energy to our team. As a devoted intern, he dives into the world of high school and college football, eager to learn, contribute, and share his love for the game.