Friday, February 19, 2021

NCHSAA Releases Playoff Bracketing Procedures for Spring 2021 Season

The NCHSAA has released the playoff qualification and bracketing process that will be used for the spring 2021 football season.

1) Automatic Bids: Conferences will be awarded a number of automatic qualifiers based on the number of teams within the conference that participated during the season. Conferences with 1-6 member schools fielding teams get 1 berth, 7-8 receive 2, and 9+ receive 3. These automatic berths are determined by the conference based on winning percentage within league play and any ties broken using the NCHSAA’s approved tie-breaking procedure.

2) Wildcards will be selected in the East Region and West Region based on a team’s conference winning percentage to populate 16 teams, including automatic berths, in each region and classification.

3) Once the 16 teams are determined in each region, each region will be subdivided with the largest schools in each classification assigned to the AA bracket and smallest to the A bracket. Then the NCHSAA Staff will utilize the following draw procedure to set the final bracket:

a) Draws for the line placement of berths will occur in random order.

b) All #1 berths will be drawn first, followed by #2 berths, followed by any #3 berths and finally any wildcard berths.

c) Whenever possible, competition between conference opponents in the first round will be avoided. This may require the removal of a line placement draw possibility for a given team.